2022 OHSAA Track & Field State Championships

Division I State Track & Field Championships at Jesse Owens Memorial
74. Shawnee 1, 79. Elida 0.5, 80. Defiance 0
100m Dash: 8. KJ Upshaw, Shawnee
200m Dash: 16. KJ Upshaw, Shawnee
300m Hurdles: 14. Josh Horvath, Defiance
Pole Vault: 8. Conner Douglass, Elida
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Division II State Track & Field Championships at Jesse Owens Memorial
61. St. Marys 2, 61. Van Wert 2, 71. Bath 0, 71. Kenton 0
110m Hurdles: 7. Brandon Bowers, St. Marys
4×200 Relay: 13. Van Wert (Connor Pratt/Nate Phillips/Nathan Jackson/Trey Laudick)
4×400 Relay: 7. Van Wert (Trey Laudick/Nate Phillips/Nathan Jackson/Connor Pratt)
4×800 Relay: 11. Van Wert (Gage Wannemacher/Rylan Miller/Trey Laudick/Hunter Sherer)
Discus: 14. Parker Rarey, Kenton; 16. Xavier Griffiths, Bath
Shot Put: 10. Xavier Griffiths, Bath

5. Ottawa-Glandorf 31, 18. Kenton 11, 29. Celina 7, 48. Van Wert 3, 69. St. Marys 0
100m Dash: 16. Kendra Deehring, Van Wert
200m Dash: 13. Syerra Greber, St. Marys
400m Dash: 1. Alexa Fortman, Ottawa-Glandorf (State Champion); 13. Olivia Fenbert, Ottawa-Glandorf
800m Dash: 1. Alexa Fortman, Ottawa-Glandorf (State Champion)
300m Hurdles: 5. Addy Modd, Kenton
4×100 Relay: 15. Celina (Ellie Hitchcock/Kira Dirksen/Paige Veit/Nevaeh Huser)
4×200 Relay: 6. Van Wert (Kendra Deehring/Macy Johnson/Danesha Branson/Sofi Houg)
4×400 Relay: 8. Ottawa-Glandorf (Olivia Fenbert/Corinne Closson/Averie Fox/Alexa Fortman), 15. Defiance (Samantha Hohenberger/Emily Wahl/Joslyn Renn/Mira Horvath)
4×800 Relay: 5. Ottawa-Glandorf (Alexa Fortman/Rose Turnwald/Madelyn Hovest/Olivia Fenbert)
Long Jump: 13. Mia Rager, Van Wert
Pole Vault: 14.  Nevaeh Huser, Celina
Discus: 3. Emma Hoffman, Ottawa-Glandorf; 4. Amelia Lutz, Celina; 5. Tatum Miller, Kenton
Shot Put: 6. Tatum Miller, Kenton; 7. Amelia Lutz, Celina

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2021-22 Superior Credit Union Western Buckeye League All Sports Trophy

With the completion of the 2021-2022 sports season, the Western Buckeye League would like to announce that the Shawnee Indians have won the Superior Credit Union Western Buckeye League All Sports Trophy for the third year in a row ( None was awarded for the 2020 -2021 school year).

This was a four-team race with Shawnee collecting 150.5 points. Second place Ottawa Glandorf earned 142 points, third place St. Marys collected 137.5 points and Wapakoneta earned 129 points.

Following is a summary of the League Champions

Cross Country Boys – Defiance
Cross Country Girls – Shawnee
Golf Boys – Shawnee & St. Marys
Football – Van Wert & Wapakoneta
Soccer Boys – Shawnee
Soccer Girls – Shawnee
Tennis Girls – Shawnee
Volleyball – Celina

Basketball Boys – Ottawa Glandorf
Basketball Girls – Shawnee & Ottawa Glandorf
Bowling Boys – Celina
Bowling Girls – Celina
Swimming Boys – Wapakoneta
Swimming Girls – Ottawa Glandorf
Wrestling – St. Marys

Baseball – Defiance
Softball – Wapakoneta
Tennis Boys – Shawnee
Track/Field Boys – Van Wert
Track/Field Girls– Ottawa Glandorf

Points are awarded for each sport according to the conference standings.

First place is awarded 10 points, second 9, third 8, etc.

Congratulations to the Shawnee Indians.

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