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Kenton, Elida & Ottawa-Glandorf’s football playoff matchups announced.

The WBL had 3 teams make the playoffs with top 8 finishes in the computer ratings.
Final Computer Ratings
All Regional Quarterfinals Pairings

Elida (8-2) finished 5th in Division III Region 10 and will play against #4 Tipp City Tippecanoe (9-1) Division III Bracket

Kenton (9-1) finished 5th in Division IV Region 16 and will play against #4 Carlisle (10-0) Division IV Bracket

Ottawa-Glandorf (8-2) finished 5th in Division IV Region 14 and will play against #4 Genoa Area (10-0) Division IV Bracket

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Division II Cross Country Regional at Tiffin

Top four teams and those individuals that finish in the top 16 advance to the state.
4. Shawnee 151, 10. Van Wert 245, 11. Ottawa-Glandorf 255
Individuals to State: 4. Abel Flores, Defiance; 14. Jared Fleming, Van Wert
Complete Results

6. Shawnee 182, 7. Van Wert 197
Individuals to State: 10. Adrienne Pohl, Shawnee; 14. Hannah Fleck, Celina
Complete Results

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10/29 WBL Football Scores

Bath 29 Defiance 12
Elida 28 Wapakoneta 21
Ottawa-Glandorf 27 Celina 10
Kenton 54 St. Marys 14
Van Wert 20 Shawnee 14

2019 WBL Football Standings

TeamsWBL RecordOverall Record
1.  Wapakoneta8-19-2
1.  Kenton8-18-3
3.  St. Marys7-29-3
3.  Ottawa-Glandorf7-29-4
5.  Van Wert5-46-4
6.  Shawnee3-64-6
6.  Bath3-63-7
8.  Celina2-73-7
8.  Defiance2-72-8
10.  Elida0-90-10
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Latest State Football Polls and Computer Rankings

The latest AP State Football Poll has been released and Kenton is #5 in Division IV.

Complete Poll

The week 9 Football Computer Rankings have been released and 4 WBL football teams are currently in the top 8 in their regions. Wapakoneta is #7 in Division II Region 8. Elida is #5 in Division III Region 10. Ottawa-Glandorf is 6th in Division IV Region 14. Kenton is #5 in Division IV Region 16.

Complete Football Computer Rankings

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WBL Football Stats after 9 weeks.

WBL Football Stats and leaders after 9 weeks. Kenton has clinched at least a tie of the league title going into the last week of league play.

Football Stats after 9 weeks

WBL Leaders
Team Rushing Offense: Wapakoneta 260.0 ypg
Team Passing Offense: Kenton 489.9 ypg
Total Team Offense: Kenton 563.9 ypg
Scoring Offense: Kenton 54.0 ppg

Team Rushing Defense: Wapakoneta 133.3 ypg
Team Passing Defense: St. Marys 108.1 ypg
Total Team Defense: Kenton 261.8 ypg
Scoring Defense: Wapakoneta 17.1 ppg
Turnover Ratio: Wapakoneta +22
Penalties: Wapakoneta 28-236

Individual Rushing: Aaron Smith, Bath – 156.0 ypg
Individual Rushing TD’s: Logan Erb, Wapakoneta/Aaron Smith, Bath/Maty Mauk, Kenton – 13
Individual Passing Efficiency: Maty Mauk, Kenton – 180.1
Individual Passing: Maty Mauk, Kenton – 434.2 ypg
Individual Passing TD’s: Maty Mauk, Kenton – 47
Individual Receiving: Max Morrison, Kenton – 169.3 ypg
Individual Receptions: Max Morrison, Kenton – 107
Individual Receiving TD’s: Max Morrison, Kenton – 21
Individual Total Offense: Maty Mauk, Kenton – 502.4 ypg
Individual All Purpose Yards: Max Morrison, Kenton – 210.6 ypg
Individual Scoring: Max Morrison, Kenton – 164 points

Individual Tackles: Trey Runneals, Shawnee – 153
Individual Interceptions: Cale Tabler, Wapakoneta – 6
Individual Fumble Recoveries: Cory Campbell, Shawnee – 4

Individual Kick Scoring: Nathon Jenkins, Elida – 53 points
Individual Field Goals: Nathon Jenkins, Elida – 5
Individual PAT’s: Nathon Jenkins, Elida – 38
Individual Punting: Ryan Cordray, Defiance – 39.9 ypp
Individual Kickoff Return Yardage: Colin Bishop, Bath – 437 yards
Individual Kickoff Return Average: Tristan Parker, Ottawa-Glandorf – 34.3 ypr
Individual Punt Return Yardage: Max Morrison, Kenton – 209 yards
Individual Punt Return Average: Kahl Knapke, Celina – 25.8 ypr

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10/23 WBL Girls Soccer Scores

Division I Findlay Sectional Championships
Findlay 1 Shawnee 0
Celina 6 Wapakoneta 0

Division II Bath Sectional Championships
St. Marys 2 Lima Central Catholic 0
Bath 4 Elida 1

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10/23 WBL Boys Soccer Scores

Division II Shawnee Sectional Championships
Shawnee 5 Upper Sandusky 0
Wapakoneta 2 Celina 1 (OT, Shootout)

Division II Sectional
Napoleon 3 Defiance 2

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Division II Cross Country District at Ottawa

Top four teams and those individuals that finish in the top 16 advance to the regional tournament at Tiffin.
1. Shawnee 66, 3. Ottawa-Glandorf 126, 4. Van Wert 131, 5. Defiance 136, 6. Celina 156, 8. St. Marys 182, 9. Wapakoneta 184, 11. Bath 264, 12. Elida 358
Regional Individual Qualifiers: 2. Abel Flores, Defiance; 10. Tom Mault, Bath; 12. Chris Nusbaum, Celina; 13. Nick Durkee, St. Marys; 15. Derek Pease, Celina; 16. Cole Mertz, Celina
Complete Results

2. Shawnee 78, 4. Van Wert 92, 5. Defiance 115, 6. Celina 128, 8. Wapakoneta 179, 10. Ottawa-Glandorf 270, 11. St. Marys 345, 12. Elida 380, 13. Bath 384
Regional Individual Qualifiers: 4. Kristen Fett, Defiance; 5. Hannah Fleck, Celina; 10. Andrea Bell, Celina; 11. Kayla Limbert, Wapakoneta; 13. Dana Lanwehr, Ottawa-Glandorf
Complete Results

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2010 WBL Volleyball All-League

WBL VolleyballFirst Team
Liz Brock, Bath
Erin Dorsten, Celina (WBL Player of the Year)
Melissa Verhoff, Ottawa-Glandorf
Angie Fisher, Celina
Jenny Brown, St. Marys
Cierra Anderson, St. Marys
Emily Henderson, Wapakoneta

Second Team
Morgan Weininger, Celina
Lizz Carr, Celina
Molly Gamble, Van Wert
Amber Saddler, Elida
Sara Basinger, Ottawa Glandorf
Hannah Kaufman, Ottawa Glandorf

Third Team
Taylor Rupert, Wapakoneta
Shannon Roof, Ottawa Glandorf
Demma Strausbaugh, Defiance
Marianne Deppe, Bath
Abbey Zacharias, Celina
Samantha Rex, Shawnee

Honorable Mention
Madison Clark, Bath
Kiernon Koontz, Celina
Betsy Lawson, Defiance
Kelsey Smith, Elida
Sara Price, Kenton
Jill Recker, Ottawa Glandorf
Cassie Grybowski, Shawnee
Rachel Wale, St. Marys
Raegan Baxter, Van Wert
Krissy Steinbaugh, Wapakoneta


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2010 WBL Boys Soccer All-League

First Team

Conner Rockhold, Bath
Chad Brooks, Celina
Doug Herrett, Defiance
Jared Stump, Elida
Cody Sanderson, Elida
Andrew Trenkamp, Ottawa-Glandorf
Clark Heinz, Shawnee (WBL Player of the Year)
Christian Vogelgesang, Shawnee
Joe Brenneman, St. Marys
Brennan Brown, St. Marys
Mickie Grothause, Wapakoneta
Andy Faller, Wapakoneta

Second Team
Caleb Norton, Bath
Philip Johnson, Celina
Jordan Tobias, Defiance
Trey Bownan, Elida
Ryan Musgrave, Elida
Matthew Kaufman, Ottawa-Glandorf
Ryan Magee, Shawnee
Matt Tucker, Shawnee
Matt Freewalt, St. Marys
Jacob Hood, Van Wert
Taz Henderson, Wapakoneta

Third Team
Garrett Renner, Bath
Sam Best, Bath
Kyle Menchhofer, Celina
Alec Blake, Defiance
Joe Burnett, Elida
TJ Metzger, Ottawa-Glandorf
Tim Taviano, Shawnee
Nate Aller, Shawnee
Ryan Wilker, St. Marys
Joe Moonshower, Van Wert
Jordan Houston, Wapakoneta

Honorable Mention
Logan Rockhold, Bath
Nathan Loughridge, Celina
Conor Brobston, Defiance
Dylan McDorman, Elida
Corey Minter, Kenton
Eric Beckman, Ottawa-Glandorf
Jared Dupes, Shawnee
Luke Leffel, St. Marys
Tyler Money, Van Wert
Colin Mankin, Wapakoneta

2019 WBL Boys Soccer Standings

TeamsWBL RecordWBL PointsOverall Record
1.  Shawnee9-0-02719-2-0
2.  St. Marys6-1-22010-4-4
3.  Celina6-3-01812-6-0
4.  Kenton4-2-31511-3-4
5.  Ottawa-Glandorf4-3-2147-8-3
6.  Elida4-4-1137-7-2
7.  Bath2-5-285-10-3
8.  Defiance2-6-173-12-2
9.  Wapakoneta1-5-366-8-4
10.  Van Wert0-9-002-13-1
(3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie)
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