Team Leaders
Team Offense
Team Rushing: Celina 336.0
Team Rushing TD’s: Celina 16
Team Passing: Kenton 301.5
Team Passing TD’s: Kenton 14
Team Total Offense: Celina 462.5
Scoring Offense: Celina 40.0

Team Defense
Team Rushing Defense: Defiance 95.3
Team Rushing TD’s Allowed: Wapakoneta 4
Team Passing Defense: Shawnee 68.3
Team Passing TD’s Allowed: Shawnee 1
Team Interceptions: St. Marys 8
Team Fumble Recoveries: St. Marys, Kenton & Defiance 5
Total Team Defense: St. Marys 212.0
Scoring Defense: St. Marys 11.3

Penalty Yards: Shawnee 70
Turnover Ratio: St. Marys +11

Individual Leaders
Individual Offense per Game
Rushing Yards: Evan Kaeck, Wapakoneta 458 yards (114.5/game)
Rushing Yards/Attempt (min 40 attempts): Riley Gibson, Wapakoneta 8.6
Rushing TD’s: Johnny Caprella, Shawnee & Evan Kaeck, Wapakoneta 6
Passing Yards: Jaron Sharp, Kenton 1206 yards (301.5/game)
Passing TD’s: Jaron Sharp, Kenton 14
Passing Efficiency (min 40 attempts): Jaron Sharp, Kenton 172.3
Receiving Yards: Jayden Cornell, Kenton 475 yards (118.8/game)
Receptions: Drew Bagley, Van Wert 30 rec. (7.5/game)
Receiving Yards/Reception (min 10 receptions): Landon Rush, Kenton 23.2
Receiving TD’s: Jayden Cornell, Kenton 9
Total Offense: Jaron Sharp, Kenton 1550 yards (387.5/game)
All-Purpose Yards: Riley Gibson, Wapakoneta 690 yards (172.5/game)
Scoring: Jayden Cornell, Kenton 54

Individual Defense

Tackles: Sean Perry, St. Marys 59 (14.8/game)
Sacks: Nick Herzog, Defiance 2
Tackles for Loss: Nick Herzog, Defiance 3
Interceptions: many tied with 2
Fumble Recoveries: Collin Williams, Celina; Nick Herzog, Defiance & Braeden Wietholter, St. Marys 2

Individual Special Teams
Kick Scoring: Noah Adcock, Elida 27 points
Field Goals Made: Noah Adcock, Elida 5
Extra Points Made: Gabe Vandever, St. Marys & Austin Cotterman, Celina 20
Punting (min 5 punts): Billy Jahnz, Elida 41.3
Kickoff Returns: Arzaiah Little, Elida 265 yards
Punt Returns: Jarrod Beach, Ottawa-Glandorf 236 yards

Complete Week 4 WBL Individual and Team Leaders